A pokemon water pipe with Pikachu character the upgraded Bong

A pokemon water pipe with Pikachu charachter is upgraded version of Bong or hookah. This is being by using the characters of Pokémon. One of them is Pikachu. The last smoke of the bong can be harvested through a hole known as carburetor, curb; choker simply can call them hole. This remains at the lower portion of the bong which is above water level. Which is being kept covered above water level than the respiratory system ready to draw the smoke in.

A pokemon water pipe with Pikachu character the modified form of bong
Bong came from word bang which is a Thai word, which means a wooden tube cylindrical in shape. Cut from bamboo a pipe and container.
For centuries Bongs are used in different countries like Africa. To explain the terminology of Pokémon Bong parts, this has few pieces.
The bong connection has ice catcher. For the smoother hit, the ice catcher can catch ice. Pokémon water pipes with Pikachu character vary in the market.
Some look like a giant poke ball coming out of the base, a matching poke ball. Some paintPokémon water pipe with Pikachu character onto the chambers. Before inhalation bong uses water for inhalation.
Other smoking pieces
Pokémon pipes are also very famous. Other smoking pieces related to Pokémon related. Bowl is in the shape of Pikachu.

Smoking stones are also there to fit easily in the pocket. Bongs are made up of glass or plastic which uses bowl stem and water. Bubbles begin to come out of it when you inhale the bong bubbles coming out from the stem.
The glass tube goes at the bottom of the bong chamber. Chamber is the long tube which disperses the smoke. Pokémon water pipe with Pikachu character here means to say the other way hookah.