Best Marijuana Vaporizers The Firefly

The Firefly continues to be out there for around several years now as well as the verdict is in. Even though it is considered by many to be the top portable vaporizer about, however there are a few disadvantages too.

Let’s take a fast look at a number of the advantages and disadvantages before we get to the entire review, shall we?

The Firefly was given it’s name due to the orange glow generated by the heating element when the oven is on (seen on the left).

What I enjoy most about the Firefly is the design of the case, the grade of the substances utilized as well as the flavor of the vapor generated.

It heats up almost immediately. I generally simply hold down the button for about 5 or 10 seconds simply to heat up the stuff a little before I begin toking onto it.

I find it creates some fine vapor for about four or five hits and then I would like to take off the cover and blend my herb around a bit, otherwise it won’t vape right through the stuff. Once I combine it around I normally get another 2 or 3 good hits from a bowl (about a .2 of a gram).

The design of the bowl as well as how the cover is magnetic and simply clips into area make it a breeze to open mix up as well as the clean out. The air intakes are unobtrusive but work nicely using a solid draw, drawing air right in which you’ll need it: to the herb chamber itself and then right down the vapor trail.

For all those who multi-task and don’t sit for whole sessions of 10 or 15 minutes at a time, this might be the vape for you because you can use it rather sporadically as the oven just heats up so long as you happen to be holding the firing button down. You may start a bowl now, take several hits and come back and complete it later on without squandering the balance of your herb such as you’ll with most vapes. That’s an absolute plus for the superb active. You can get more information here at