Bianca Del Rio net worth and her versatile career

Bianca Del Rio is a stage name for American Actor Roy Haylock. Bianca Del Rio was born in 1975 in New Orleans, Lousiana. Bianca Del Rio is a famous stage as well as a screen actor. He is a well-known comedian and a drag queen. He started his career as a drag artist in the year 1996. He has won best Gay Entertainer of the Year, New Orleans thrice. Winning Ru Paul’s Drag Race; the sixth season made him very famous. She has been the only contestant in the entire series that never got placed in the unsafe zone throughout the season.

He is a very popular costume designer. In fact, he started his career as a costume designer. He has been six times winner of Big Easy Entertainment Award in the category of the best costume designer. He has even designed costumes for various Broadway Plays and operas. Now, what could be Bianca Del Rio net worth, who has earned fame in various categories? Well, as per data available Bianca Del Rio net worth is calculated to be around $ 2 million dollars.
Beside this, he gives a regular performance in New York night clubs. He has appeared on various Television shows including Threesome and Ru Paul’s Drag Race. He has acted in a number of web series also. He has an amazing style of acting. He has also acted in various movies.
Bianca Del Rio net worth of $ 2 million dollars include her income from various stage shows, tours, comedy shows, performance in clubs, appearance in various T.V and web series. She has her name on the list of World’s greatest drag queens. Bianca Del Rio with her talent has made a position for herself in the world of drag art. Bianca Del Rio has a Twitter following of more than 400000.