Building and Managing Marijuana Growing Software

Handling your marijuana business could become much easier if you are using this Marijuana tracking software. This software is can run on two modes, intranet or the internet. So whether you are online or offline, you can manage your business anytime, anywhere with an ease of automation. In this article, you will get the knowledge of handling and managing of this software.

Salient Features of this Medical Marijuana POS
This software has lots of features, which help in managing marijuana growing, managing and selling. Some of this Seed to Sale Software’s main features are listed down below.
• Tracking of Plant- All weed growing locations are listed in its database and entry is made to each new location.
• Bulk Management – It is connected to a combined distributed system that helps in bulk management.
• The database at Client’s end – Each client is provided with his or her own database along with secret credentials to manage the database.
• Packaging and Labeling- It provides unique bar code to each product thus helps in the packaging of the seed.
• E-Commerce – As you already know this Cannabis POS can be managed on the intranet and the internet both types of the networking system, hence it can be said that this is an E-commerce product.
• Order Completion- Each and every order and its history is saved in the client database and can be accessed on every device that is integrated with this software.
Technical Requirements of this Software
Technical requirements of a system that can run Medical Marijuana POS is given below:
1. RAM – Minimum 512 megabytes.
2. Operating System – Windows-7 and above.
3. External Drive – Minimum 128 GB to save client’s data.
4. Antivirus- you should use authentic antivirus to keep your machine and Marijuana Growing Software safe from external security threats and vulnerabilities.