Clash Royale Gems guide

Purchasing clash royale gemmes is a must if you would like to compete together with the top players in Clash Royale. There’s absolutely no solution to level up fast enough without having to spend money on purchasing gems in the store and get the required cards for the top decks.

Clearly you need to get the most value as you possibly can out of the money spent on the game, and different ways that you can spend your gems will be evaluated by this guide and guidance you what the most effective option is. It’s possible for you to find out how to get gems that are free here.
The things I cover here will be the following:
Spending your gems on gold.
On speeding up chests spending your gems.
Spending your money on magic chests.
Purchasing cards to give to family.
How to buy gems in america.
Spending your gems on gold.
For many players on purchasing gold, spending all of your gems is going to work as the most effective option. I mean players that are spending less than $50 on purchasing clash royale gemmes once I’m talking about most players. I’m in this number of players, and I discovered this is the most effective option for me personally following spending lots of time assessing different alternatives.
The reasons why you need to pay your gems on gold is twofold. First the store offers one epic card for sale beginning at 2,000 gold every day. This can be a great deal compared to that which you’ll have to pay to get epic cards in chests. It’s possible for you to buy over one epic poem card in the store, but then costs go up to 3,600 gold for the second one and that’s overly pricey compared to speeding up chests.