Counter Strike Tips

So you started playing Counterstrike? With more than 200,000 players online at any given point in time, it is still one of the common first person shooter video games. Allow me to guess. You are likely getting “pwned.” You swear you are shooting straight at the individual, yet it sounds the bullets do not even touch him. On the other hand, your competitors down you in seconds using a finely placed head shot. Allow me to attempt to help.
Listed below are a few csgo aimbot Tips for your weapons used in the game:

1. Knife: Ahh, the knife. It has two different strikes, the principal assault (quickly (but weak) and the secondary strike (slow, powerful) so what should you use? In a knife fight, you need to deal with the most damage as you can. Therefore you want to go for the upper body. For novices, I recommend going in the top body with the speedy strike so that you promise yourself a hit. Since you get better go with all the gradual strike for much more harm. An addition suggestion: jumping toward you competitor using the knife and planning for your head is also an effective and fatal method. If you are jumping and your competitor is slashing in your heard, what’s he going to strike? Your toes, of course, for a measly 8 pts of damage.
2. Pistols- Do not underestimates the ability of this pistol. Although it’s a secondary weapon, it may save your life if you run out of ammo.
USP Tactical: The counter-terrorist default pistol. This is one of my favorite pistols from the game. It’s a relatively fast rate of fire get ready to operate your finger and press which left mouse button as quickly as possible! The USP has minimal recoil so target for the top torso/head for maximum harm.