DaaS Mobilizes Your Workplace Anywhere Anytime!

Technology is best appreciated by a distance, albeit the revolution of technology itself has a long dark history, most people wouldn’t go by their day without touching their smart phones. However, smartphones are not the go to choice when doing heavy office work such as accounting in a spreadsheet software or even doing a minimalistic app through an app engine. All of the aforementioned tasks require relentless processing power that only a desktop can handle. But since the revolution of smartphones being accessible by people of all status globally, the usage of desktops seems to fade away becoming barren as time passes on.

Thus, you might have been wondering, how can you work from your mobile smartphones? Well collaboration of two companies managed to integrate desktops into mobile smartphone online by using the cloud services. Both of the companies are CloudZen and daas which stands for Desktops-as-a-Service. DaaS or better known as Desktops-as-a-Service is a company service provider that features desktop hosting solution. There is also a renowned company called CloudZen Service Provider which collaborates with DaaS as partners makes backups, anti-virus, software updates, rectify disaster recovery and also cloud desktop modifications. there are a myriad of reasons on why you would want a desktop hosting service.

When trying to mobilize a workforce, it can impose a potential security threat if devices are stolen by theft, loss, or possible forgetfulness. But, a properly secured and reliable DaaS architecture can actually reduce the aforementioned threats by keeping the applications safe. Thus, instead of spending money on expensive hardware and software that may not be fully optimal for your work, our full digitalized cloud desktops provides the businesses flexibility to add or remove users when necessary. For customers who have subscribed to the payment plans and currently in doubt of the capability of the desktop hosting solution that DaaS providers give but the quality of DaaS is ensured trough the testimonial results.