Dota 2 Ranked MMR Boosting Guide

I’ve been playing DotA recreationally for nearly 10 years, and lately I grinded my solo MMR from 3.5k to 4k and I needed to discuss some of my ideas for others who need to do the same.

The MMR curve
I consider MMR follows a logistic function; imagine an S-curve. From 0-1k people for the large part are generally poor, clearly do not read reddit /guides and most are not actively striving to get better. From 1k to 2k MMR, individuals are quickly improving and the difference between a 2k player and 1k player is really noticeable, from 2 to 3k, this rate of development is comparatively steady and begins to taper off come 3k to 4k. On and from 4 k, the difference in ability is even noticeable like from 0 – 1 k. Particularly when averaged across all heroes, not only TA/Storm 5/6/7k undoubtedly raises as your strategy, but diminishingly.

Useful amounts about MMR
Percent of games played 75% — 15% — 10% for Standard — High — Really High
First calibration of percentiles released 5
~10 million players world-wide total ~50 7k ~500 6k ~10000-50000 5k players
Calibration procedure
There consistently strings on reddit talking in regards to the calibration procedure, how to game it, recalibration etc. You also believe it is too low, and for those who have calibrated your MMR, it is up to you to grind up it. Increasing your MMR is potential and the trench is only an illusion. Do not dwell on where your MMR is, rather think about where you need it to be. There isn’t any sign that there would have been a recalibration procedure. There are many other alternative to increase dota 2 mmr and one of the best is dota 2 booster service.