Finding the reasons why most anime series and movies are not licensed

If you are an anime fan, you are likely to notice that some of the anime series you are watching are not licensed or will never be licensed. From a wider perspective, licensing anime series in other countries apart from Japan is actually a vague business. To both the average viewers and anime fans in general, it has never been specific on how titles are chosen for distribution while other titles languish in limbo. If you like watching free anime online, you will notice that the quality of the shows seems to have nothing to do with the licensing. But one fact that still remains is that great anime shows are never exported outside of Japan, and in case the shows are exported, the process is delayed for months.

There are many reasons that could be attributed to this including the licensing cost which is a bit prohibitive. The licensing cost is actually the main reason why the best anime titles are never dubbed to other languages. In other words, it is very expensive to license anime movies and shows. Most licensors usually ask for a fee that is too high for the perceived market something that most people may not be willing to negotiate. For example, an anime movie that is perceived to be very valuable will demand an extreme licensing fee while a show that is perceived to be less valuable can command a cheaper licensing fee.

In the case of a popular franchise such as Naruto or Bleach, the licensing fee may even double since much of the costs go for the franchise’s ancillary and auxiliary materials. There are also other titles that are only exported as part of a collection of other titles. Such titles are usually copyrighted by the holder meaning that even the licensor cannot pick just any one title from the collection but must obtain the whole collection as a unit. If the licensor happens to take the whole collection, it means that watching dubbed anime becomes very expensive to both anime fans and average viewers. click here to get more information 123.