Follow no contact rule to get him back

When your relationship has ended with your loved ones, you need to start taking care of yourself first. You want to improve and get control of your mind. After a breakup, you keep on thinking about the questions like what to do when he doesn’t text you back? How to know if he likes you or not? These questions make your miserable and you go crazy. However, you want him back; this is the time when you have to totally cut off from that person. You can follow no contact rule and later go through signs your ex still loves you, to get him back in your life.

No contact rule suggests that you should stop contacting him for at least one month. You need to turn off his notifications from facebook Instagram and other social media platforms. Next, put all the reminders of his like stuffed toys, birthday card, and all things that have been given by him into a box and keep that box of your site. This way you can think more rationally and take the right decisions to get him back and improve your miserable mind. After some time, your ex will start missing you and he will start approaching you. This is the time when he wants to be back together so that he can get rid of the feeling of missing you.

Also, to you can look for some signs that determine that he still loves you, some of those are his regular approach to you, regular messages from him and his desire to physically meet up and hang out with you.

When you have a break up try to recover from that and not do any crazy things that will make you look insane or annoying. If he gets cold in the relationship give him some space and try to maintain a casual talk.