Food to lower a1c- what is use of a1c test?

Almost in every country there are thousands of people who suffer from the diseases of diabetes every year. To control such kind of diseases various test are been done by the doctors to save the lives of the young people. Making the Food to lower a1c is one of its kind of test that is used to measure the level of sugar present in the blood of a human body. This test was been conducted first in America by one of the specialist of curing diabetes.

People mostly prefer to have the a1c test in order to measure the level of sugar in the body of a diabetes patient. The test says that the more sugar a body has the more n individual will suffer from diabetes. The a1c test describes the presence of blood sugar present over the period of one to two week. You can have the test at any time either day or at night.
How can you lower your sugar level?
When a person needs to have some changes in his or her body can do it through changing the routine of exercise, and having a proper diet. Food to lower a1c will help people in controlling the diet easily. There are various methods that can help you in controlling the diabetes.
Through proper planning of having of food at proper time, you can do this by making a timetable for having food so that you can be able to control the Food to lower a1c level in the blood. When a person is suffering from diabetes he has to keep a proper plan of having food that does not have a sugar substance like potatoes. Through the proper plan you can easily control the sugar level in your blood.