How can you make the stretcher bars at your home?

So you are having a very well painted canvas, and you are looking for framing it. For framing the picture, the canvas needs to be stretched all over the stretcher bars and then attached to it. However, you can also buy it easily from the nearby craft store or through the art supply store. If you find it the little bit expensive than your budget, you can try to make it by own using the suitable length of woods, a staple gun and saw. Here in the article, we are going to share some easy steps on how to make the bar by own in just a few minutes.

Below are some of the steps that you must follow to make the bars easily-
• Choosing the wood- Choose the type of wood you want. Wooden stretcher bars are usually made up of pine. It sides must measure about one by 2 inches.
• Determining the bars dimensions- Now you must decide how wide and long you want the canvas to be displayed. The measurement will form both width and length of the bars. The canvas will easily stretch all over and back of the bar when attaching it. The width and length of the canvas need to be greater as compared to the width and length of the bars.
• Cutting- Use a saw for cutting the bars as per the required length. Keep the bar in miter block and with saw trim the end up to 45 degrees. Repeat the process for other bars.
• Stapling the corners together- Keep the bars face downing the surface. Bring all corners of the bars together and staple it.
• Cutting trim pieces- Align the length of the bar that is outside the bar. Make a line with the pencil and with the help of saw cut the trim pieces. Here your frame is ready.
These are the steps that can be followed on making Canvas Stretcher Frame easily.