Huawei P10: The Best Smartphone For 2017

Huawei gave one of the best selling device of 2016 in the type of P9. Many customers enjoyed the P9 and this device came out to be an effective journey for Huawei. P9 was the device that gave all those customers who cannot afford the likes of Samsung galaxy S7 and iPhone a superior main feeling.
Huawei is back in 2017 with P10. This device appears to be an upgrade for P9 and now this device is able to give good rivalry for the device in 2017.
At MWC 2017, Huawei came up with two device named as “Huawei P10” and “Huawei P10 plus”.
As the device is just as an upgraded version of P9, the “Huawei P10” comes using a screen size of 5.1 inches whereas the “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with a screen size of 5.5 inches. Both devices are with 1440×2560 WQHD resolutions. As we all know that Huawei has a unique central processing unit, so both the forms of P10 attribute Kirin 960 chip that powers its 5.1 EMUI applications. The versions will vary on memory. “HUAWEI P10” comes with 4GB of RAM with the internal memory of 64GB.Whereas “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with 6GB RAM with the internal storage of 128GB. The device could be enlarged via a MicroSD card. Having a glance at the batteries, “Huawei P10” comes with a 3200mAh battery whereas “Huawei P10 Plus” comes with a 3,750mAh battery. In the industry, The Leica double camera is back following a pause. The camera is one of the very impressive characteristics of the device. There are a lot of developments in the camera as compared to P9. Firstly; the monochrome detector is now 20mp as compared to 12mp. The color detector is 12mp with is same as before. In addition , there are developments in the lenses that’ll have a way to give superior quality pictures. This device includes a camera that is great. It comes with a double camera 2.0 and it also gives impressive picture quality in low light places. You can find Huawei P10 Lite Prezzo at this site.