Hybrid Lubricants for high quality sex

For better sex result people try lots things, like foreplay, different types of positions and many more, well you should try using a Lubricant, it easy the efforts require in having sex and greatly increases the pleasure obtain from it by reducing the friction between the body parts.

A hybrid lubricant provides the natural feeling of a water-based formula together with the ultra-long -lasting effects of silicone to create a lube experience unlike any other. The blended formula has a luxurious, silky feel and is latex safe, making it the perfect choice for individuals and couples.

Oil based lubricant are considered as the slipperiest lubricants but they have an issue, in some cases they block the pores of skin and causes infection. So, they are not recommended for users having sensitive skin, one more reason they are not famous is that they don’t go that well with condoms. Oil reacts with the material of the condoms (mostly latex or plastic) and degrades it resulting condoms loses its elasticity and there is a little chance that it might wear off or break during intercourse.

Where on the other end water based lubricants are the famous one. These are made by keeping water or glucose are the base solution, these lubricants contain highest percentage of water. So, it harmless and is recommended for the users that have a sensitive skin. The fault is that these lubricant gets wear off easily and you need to keep reapplying then again and again

To Overcome all these issues hybrid-based lubricants are made, as they are combination of water and silicon they are completely harmless and provides a royal feel. The use of silicon makes it long lasting and water make them possible for sensitive skin user to use them.