Introduction of Maplestory the game

The Maplestory is the game that takes you to a fantastical world where you find retro a 2D universe recalling the video games golden age. Today play on maplestory private serverand explore this land of Maple world, grandis and its beyond. You have to uncover the ancient evil forgotten history and some six heroes will seal it away.

You have to choose more than forty unique class which start from warriors, magicians, pirates and even ninjas. You can play it with lot of other players on the adventure of classic proportion when you hunt down through villainous black mage. You can interact with many colorful NPC and form a club with your friends. The possibility of game is endless and regularly new content are added in exciting updates. The Maplestory will look very cute but do not judge the game through its cover page. The gameplay is very challenging that put winning teams into test.

How to start

• Select the region

You have to first log in for playing Maplestory where you will get greeted by the selected region screen. You have to select the region where you are closet to live in. It will reduce the potential latency and some connection issues.

• Selecting the world

Next you select the world screen, if you already have friends playing in Maplestory public serve, select the world you want to play but cannot interact with them if you are on different worlds. In the game rule, there are certain exceptions however in Alliance world the whole universe is merged allowing the players interacting with each other as if they play on same world. Multiple characters are also possible on each world, so go on with crazy character creation.

Next select the channel and create the character to play.