Life hacks for success

There is no magic bullet when it comes to developing an effective study regime. Everyone learns the different way. The amount of information you grasp depends on the style you study with back to school. Here are some exam tips which can help you to study effectively.

• Try some perfume

The sense of smell is mostly taken for granted. It has the ability to boost our psychological and emotional well being. Using scents while studying becomes good lifehacks to build concentration and feel relaxed. Just few drop of an essential oil taken on a cotton ball, and take a whiff whenever you feel less energetic.

Lemon scents can be used to improve the concentration and clarifying skills which are helpful when one feel angry or anxious. Moreover, lemon also has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties that can boost the body immune system.

Lavender also possesses the calming property and subdues the emotional stress. It has the soothing effect on the nerves and can relieve nervous tension, depression, and headaches. Jasmines are also another scent which can be used for calming the nerves. It is commonly used as the antidepressant because it contains the property of feeling confident.

• Write your notes

Making your own notes give you several benefits. It helps you to be alert and involves in the school hacks completely. Engaging your mind in what you are studying is very important, this is attained by writing your own notes. This also helps to decide to include important and exclude non important in the notes, thus important study tips to get effective learning.

As you write notes you decide on the important areas and highlight the keywords. Moreover, you also get to support the points which need more emphasize during the revision. Self-written notes are easy to understand and during the revision time, they act as the utmost important tool because they only comprise of the information you want.