Needs for social media

5 years ago social media marketing is new for many of us but now days, it becomes a part of life and its importance is longer stopped. Its power is mainly seen by the business world through the use of social media marketing. In this area buy facebook likes is playing the important role.

There are various benefits of social media marketing like increased exposure; traffics in numbers, loyal fans, better searched ranking, improved business sales etc. Social media changes the game of market also. In a recent survey it is found that social media is having important and relevant effects on the marketers and the business men’s also. Actually they have that type approach that they will reach the target audiences on daily basis. This all process is called game changing process for the marketers who are involved in the sales marketing, customer’s service and the other area of business. This is the innovative and new type of improving business in marketing that was not available in traditional marketing. In traditional marketing peoples have to go door to door or have to apply some lengthy process. But, today’s buy facebook follower, buy facebook fans is helping in the promotions of the products and the business also which thereby increase the organizations names.
Now a day’s facebook is leading the social media network and continuing to grow. It has about 1.26billions users, averages active users is about 1.23 billions, averages about 945 billion mobiles users. Facebook usage is highest in North America having 59% of internet users. Because of this reasons facebook likes is more.
This social media is different from other media due to this reason. Like e-commerce business which is called as social media as consumer-generated media (cgm). People are obtaining the information through news, education or in other form. But the social media is different from the traditional media.
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