Pranks videos on the Christmas

Daily thousands of the videos are uploaded in the social media. These are basically the funny videos that are created by the video maker. These videos are basically calling the pranks videos. There are so many videos are uploaded daily that know its look like that a prank wars are started on the internet. Everyone wants to increase the views on their videos so they created the daily new video with higher level. Sometimes the viewers try these videos itself like in the festivals Because in the videos are also made for the festivals. YouTube is the best of the videos, because this is best video streaming site in the world. There are thousands of the channels of the prank videos on the YouTube.

The channel Wengie pranks in the Youtube is the best channel for this type of videos. You can choose the prank form the many videos. Some of the pranks are specially for the festivals and some are commonly you can use daily. From the the many pranks, the pranks of the ice cream is best one for daily pranks.
In this prank, Potato is used in the place of the vanilla ice creams. Because mashed potato is look like the vanilla ice cream. Your friend asked for the vanilla ice cream and then you go to the kitchen and bring a bowl of the mashed potato, When you place the mash potato in the refrigerator, it’s look like the vanilla icecream. Placed the mashed potato and cover it with the chocolate. When you friend thinks it’s a vanilla chocolate ice creams but it’s the potato mashed. Your friend eat it and that’s the prank. This prank is very funny in the groups and in the festivals, when the relative are in th house.