Rental Slingshot Requirements and Rates

Rent a Slingshot is available for hourly or per day basis. Slingshot rental rates starts from $75 per hour. If you are booking today you get unlimited miles and also extra perk for more than one day booking. rent a slingshot in Miami offer best customer services you can.

How it is going to be sitting behind the Slingshot motorcycle wheels? First you might take some time to get with the steering. You will quickly understand the steering to make drifts on turns on the way that makes you feel so amazing and pleasant.

Usually rental fleets consist all latest models vehicles like Polaris Slingshot 2016 model and 2017 SLR models is also available for rent. All color slings are there for rent offering 173 horsepower. So you can get ready to get the bit of sunburn and great attention from those pedestrians when you drive through the Miami Beach.

Get In Slingshot Today

Slingshot rentals process is really easy and quick. You must only need a valid driving license and few hundred dollars for getting on the way with Slingshot rentals. You can pick the color of choice and they give it nicely and details of you. The best part is you get delivery for small convenience fee sometimes they waive multi-day rental. You do not have to get out of hotel room is rent out. Here is the list of all those requirements or things you should carry to rent a Slingshot.

List of Requirements

• Minimum 21 years age

• Valid driving license

• Active insurance policy

• Security deposit

So have you decided to go for a trip to Miami, PolarisSlingshot rentals offers you best competitive price in town. You can check online to reserve your choice of slingshot ahead to get one when you reach Miami.