So You Want to Be a Realtor? Good Luck!

* Hint 1: there’s a whole lot of money being created from property. It is simply not going to be produced by you personally. In fact, a lot of it’s really going to come FROM you. The real estate agent themselves create an obscene amount of money in a part by churning people through their “apps” and spitting them out using emptier pockets.

* Hint 2: There is no wages. Ensure that you have sufficient money from the bank to consume and pay your bills for six months. And start searching for a true job NOW. From the time you get it, you are going to be out of money. I landed a position at a business six months and one day in the day of my layoff. If it was not for Unemployment, I’d have been living in a cardboard box waiting for the real estate career to blossom.
* Hint 3: Everybody you know will feign support whilst questioning the conclusion and making fun of you personally. I am serious, and you understand this already. You have hated every realtor you have dealt with, did not you?
Property offices are continuously listing open places, so it’s easy to get an interview. Do not be overly nervous, because guess what? You are hired. This is not a meeting, it is a pep talk. You can walk in and inhale at the lobby, you are likely still hired.
Their real estate agent is somebody who’s divorced and unhappy, sitting on a heap of money cash or an available line of credit, and only wants something to keep them occupied. Next in line will be somebody who’s unhappily married, sitting on a heap of cash or an available line of credit, and only wants something to keep them from the home and away from their partner. If you are none of those two, that is OK – they will take you.