Swiss Watches Are To Be Out Watched For

More Than a Century in Watch Making
All the around the world the most sought after are Swiss made watches. They are known for their impeccable quality, technical innovation and aesthetic prowess. But gaining all these qualities in watch making is not an easy task. To gain such a name and fame Switzerland played a major role. Looking at the history of watch making, right from use of sun dial to having digital watches, there were many small steps which lead to the high quality Swiss watches today. World’s first watch maker was from Geneva a small town then, in Switzerland. Later on, Gold smiths of Switzerland needed to turn their attention to building watch cases. Switzerland was the first country in the world to have a course then for watch making, wherein, the pupil had to undergo an apprenticeship of five years, before becoming a watch maker and deserve the title of Master. Later on, the coloring of enamel, wearing of watches all started to take place and hence, Swiss watches have such a high reputation.

Switzerland: The Land Of Watches
But, in recent times, due to many replica watches are being produced, it is not so easy to use the term Swiss Watches so easily. To use the tag of Swiss watch, there are many laws enforced, not only on the outlook, but also on the intrinsic value. In future, it is being speculated, that even more stringent laws will come up. There is an ordinance in place which restricts the use of Swiss Watches. The ordinance states that at least some of the work or component has been done or manufactured in Switzerland. Inspection of the watch or its movements also needs to be done in Switzerland.

SIP is also one of the features seen on the Swiss watches. It is abbreviation for Sign of Identification of the Producer. It is an obligatory mark to be used by the watch makers, to confirm their identity and protection against replica watches.

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