Synthetic turf- the best way to make your place look beautiful

synthetic turf is also known as artificial grass. It is gaining popularity because it is easy to maintain and look just like natural grass. It does not need water, sunlight, and fertilizer and therefore can be placed anywhere. They are beautiful to look at and remain same for a long time.

Earlier artificial turfs were used in the field of sports, but now the use has been diversified, and they are being used in offices, commercial places and for residential purpose as well. It is said that the artificial grass gained popularity in the 1960s when it was used an Astrodome for the first time. People who cannot maintain the natural beauty but love the natural feel were attracted towards this great idea of synthetic turfs.
How are these made?
The synthetic grass is basically made up of plastic and yarn. The manufacturer first starts with a white plastic that acts as the base of the grass. This base holds the green pallets. The yarn is knitted with the plastic base and is given a look similar to the grass. An adhesive is applied to it, and the testing is done.
Why the synthetic turf became so famous?
As it is said earlier that this type of was grass was first used in the Astrodome after which it captured the eye of many sports companies. Apart from the sports companies all the other sectors understood the advantages of this type of turf and started using it. It has replaced the carpet system in many places. With the increase in the use of artificial turf, it became famous and in demand all over the world.
What are the types of synthetic grass shapes?
The tip of the synthetic grass differs in shape as well as in size. Some of the types of grass blades are oval fiber, diamond shape, vista fiber, omega fiber and much more. The synthetic turf is easy to maintain, saves water and do not include heavy maintenance cost. They are the best alternative to green grass.