What are the Modafinil Side Effects

You may know that the modafinil is the medicine that is used for the treatment of the sleeping disorder. Everything that is used in over their limit is very dangerous and harmful for the health. Similarly, if you take the over dosage of the modafinil then it may be very harmful for your body as well as for your brain. Many people are there who think that by taking the over dosage of the medicine they can be healthy soon but it is their misunderstanding. People have to suffer through the side effects of the medicine if they take the over dosage.

Below are the side effects of the modafinil:
1. You may feel the nervousness: This is the common side effect of the modafinil. By taking in the wrong you may feel t eh nervousness and you won’t feel better. You feel the nervousness then immediately contact your doctor before it gets worse.
2. Headache: Severe headache may occur after taking the modafinil medicine. It is better to take the medicine carefully so that you can be safe from the side effects of the medicine easily. Headache may be so severe that you cannot control it. It is better to take the medicine only under the doctor’s prescription so that you can be safe from this side effect.
3. If you have any allergy consults the doctor: If you are suffering from any allergy and still you are taking the dosage of the modafinil then you must stop it because it may be very dangerous to your health. In this situation you should consult the doctor so that you can decrease the side effect of the medicine as soon as possible from the body.
4. Severe fever: The side effect of the modafinil can be seen in the form of the severe fever. This is the common side effect in the patient who is suffering from the sleeping disorder
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