Paintball Masks Benefits

Anyone who has done any research about paintball or knows somebody who plays paintball, or perhaps has observed paintball being played understands that the most notable thing recalled is that the funny looking, bug-eyed mask which each player wears. The Skull paintball mask isn’t only for appearances or to match with the audience. It’s the one most important piece of security equipment a participant can (and need to) own. The one thing which sits between your eyes along with a paintball that’s traveling at upwards of 300 feet per minute is the mask.

Have a moment and consider that last paragraph. That paintball will travel the distance of a soccer field in one second. With no certified paintball mask on, an individual’s eyeball wouldn’t stand a chance of resisting an immediate strike and staying intact.

Now that I have hopefully made my stage and scared the bejeebers out of you, I’ll relay the good news.

Skull paintball mask makes the game safer than playing golf or soccer. All manufacturer name masks need to meet stringent guidelines to become certified as secure for paintball. Brand names like Dye, Vforce, JT, and Empire to name a couple have filed their paintball masks to vigorous testing and also for the most part not just match, but far transcend the federal testing guidelines.

Masks come in a huge array of styles and appearances, so the sky is the limit so far as locating a mask to fit your personality. Among my favorite masks is that the Dye I4. I personally enjoy it as it’s really a thermo pane sort mask. It really has two plastic protective layers having an air space between them to help prevent fogging. The venting of the mask can also be outstanding, allowing a great deal of air to flow between the mask and your own face. I love to wear a booney fashion hat whilst playing woodsball and the basically open surface of this I4 offers lots of comfort. The mask also offers a unique field of view so that you don’t feel as though you’re trapped in the end of a tube