Guided meditation- know all about the meditation process

Today, almost every person tries to have meditation as this is considered as an exercise that relaxes your brain and offers sound sleep at night. People who have the habit of taking stress can easily do meditation in their free time, or the morning this helps them feel refresh and purify the blood. Today even doctors recommend their patients to have meditation process because the problems meditation can create medicines or therapies cannot. Nowadays, people take guided meditation as this helps do meditation effortless and without getting involved in any criteria.

How to start with theguided meditation?
Set the intention
The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is your intentions; if you have a right aim then doing meditation will benefit you a lot. It is important for you to set your intention as this will help you remind why you are meditating and serves you as an anchor during meditation. May be you are doing meditation to be productive at work, have a good relationship, or more focused are some of the valid intentions to keep in mind you start the meditation.
Keep the body relaxed
Another most important thing that you should consider when you start meditating is keeping your body relaxed. If you have just arrived after the morning walk, you cannot focus on meditating. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your body relaxed as this will help you focus more on guides saying.

Pay attention to senses
Pay attention to your senses sense the body as a whole; pay more attention to every sensation such as hearing the temperature or smell. If you are cable enough to focus on body’s sensations, you can keep relax and eliminate stress. This is also considered as an art of feeling everything that happens near you without seeing it, you just have to feel the sensation, and you will eventually increase focusing on a single point.
So these were the few things that every individual should remember while doing a guided meditation.