Things You Must Know About Lunesta Dosage

One of the issues with Lunesta is how to handle your Lunesta dosage. Many users find that while the manufactured dose looks small…it comes in 1, 2 and 3mg tablets, the particular quantity that an individual needs to keep up their sleep may be greater than that. This can be causing individuals to mistreat and possibly overdose by taking several pill or smashing pills and taking an unregulated number to get sleep. As this drug becomes more broadly used the issue will get worse.
An overdose on Lunesta 3mg may be serious. It may include symptoms like excessive sleepiness, confusion, dizziness and breathing difficulties. If taken much enough an individual can become unconscious or go right into a coma. Alas, many individuals taking this drug develop tolerance to the standard dosage and frequently start experimenting with doses of their own in a desperate effort to get much needed sleep.
It’s possible for you to tell that finding a correct Lunesta dosage is a problem right from the beginning. The pill is manufactured in 1, 2 and 3mg dosages, but a lot of physicians go right ahead and begin patients at 3mg. This implies that when a patient’s body develops a tolerance to the 3mg dose there’s actually nowhere to go from there, but to play with taking multiple pill or undergo the procedure of locating something else to help you sleep. But when you are fighting to sleep for nights on end you’re able to become dying to locate the fastest method possible to get to sleep. That generally means attempting more than the routine Lunesta dosage instead of waiting to see the physician, get another prescription and expect that an alternative medication works.
Besides the risk of an overdose on Lunesta 3mg, taking too much can exaggerate the negative impacts of the drug. Individuals can start to come up with serious mood/behavior changes, increased anger or depression, memory problems or outright spans of amnesia, hallucinations, headaches, etc. The more people experiment with their Lunesta dosage the higher their danger of developing serious health complications from a few of those unwanted effects.