Top instances when prices of fancy color diamonds are high

Although fancy color diamonds generally have a better return regardless of political and economic conditions, there are two instances when the prices of color diamonds tend to be higher and offer the greatest value or return on investment. According to Paragon International Wealth Management, when fancy color diamonds have attractive colors and when many people are debating on whether or not fancy color diamonds should be considered as great investments, these are the times when the prices of diamonds tend to hike significantly. Although pure, one-colored diamonds are extremely rare to find making them preferable by both investors and consumers and thus valuable, any diamond with an extraordinary color modifier is also valuable.

The reason for their value is that the modifications made on the diamond contribute to the exclusiveness and beauty of the stone. As a result, the value of the diamond increases sharply due to the unique color traits. For example, while vivid pink color diamonds are desirable and extremely valuable, the vivid purple pink color is also considered to be desirable and extremely valuable. According to Paragon International Toronto , when people are debating on whether color diamonds are a worthy investment, this is the time when the prices of diamonds increase.

This factor is very much understandable based on the fact that it is always easier for people to buy diamonds than to resell them. However, when the diamonds in question are considered rare, have bright or unique colors and are of desirable size, then the diamonds become a worthy investment. In essence, investing in fancy color diamonds is very reasonable although many investors may not agree to this factor. Although the concept of investing in color diamonds is still new, Paragon Wealth Management suggests that people should consider investing in these gemstones since there is value in them and their prices tend to hike over time.