Uses and benefits of Tea Tree Oil

the tea tree oil has numerous uses in your daily life, as the active ingredient has multiple benefits and can be used in a variety of household and cosmetic products. The tea tree oil can be used in making cleaning products, treating skin problems and as a remedial product for fighting viral infections and disinfecting molds in the air through diffusion. Retail cosmetic products has seen the increasing use of the tea tree oil in face wash, shampoos, massage and therapeutic essential oils, nail and skin care cream and lotions as well as in laundry detergent. The natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions of the oil make it an absolute essential product for regular use.

What are the benefits of the tea tree oil?
The tea tree oil and its propertieshas been an integral part in various indigenous medicinal practices. In modern times, its benefits seem to gain much prominence in field of scientific research for its powerful and diverse usage. Traditionally the tea tree oil’s benefits included treatment of cold sores and respiratory tract infections, bacterial and fungal infections, bad breath, skin aliments like psoriasis and eczema, itchy insect bites and sores, sunburns, boils, staph infections.

In our daily household activities, the tea tree oil has emerged as an indispensable cabinet product and is extensively used in products like anti-microbial laundry freshener, insect repellent, natural deodorant, anti-acne face wash, odour removal foot care products, household cleaning agents and mold removers. In many cases, use of the tea tree oil as an essential oil has been discovered as a possible prevention in developing antibiotic resistance. It has also been proven to have anti-cancer benefits for skin, having a rapid impact on reducing cancerous tumours and boosting immunity. The British Medical Journal published a study stating that “the tea tree oil is a powerful disinfectant and non-poisonous and gentle” to the body.

Before procuring and using the tea tree oil, it’s advisable that you ensure the correct species name listed on the label of the bottle. The scientific name is “Melaleuca alternifolia”. Ideally, it would be a good idea to look for therapeutic grade organic tea tree oil that is tested and free of chemical fillers, toxins or solvents.