Various divisions of Samurai sword and its maintenance

Samuraisword is not a normal sword. It is a different from other swords because this has different looks and better flexibility than other. It is very light in weight. A samurai soldier can handle twice swords in two hands. A very thin plate of steel makes this. This sword is different type. May b it is knife type, or it is folded, or it is a big sword, etc. This sword makes you fearless because this is a trustful weapon. If you are in danger, then there is a way to get away from that. These swords are very beautiful and attractive. You can accumulate it.

Various types of samurai sword
There are mainly three types of samurai sword for sale, and these are
1. Katana,
2. Tanto,
3. Wakizashi
There are also divisions in these types of swords so in katana the types are:
• Folded steel katana
• Clay tempered katana
• Carbon steel katana
This katana type of sword is very dangerous. This may give a serious damage so keep it very carefully.
In Tanto the types are:
• Folded steel tanto
• Carbon steel tanto
• Clay tempered tanto
This tanto sword is called dagger by name. It has two or single edged blade. The length of a tanto is 15 cm to 30 cm. this can be a soldier’s primary weapon in the war.
In wakizashi the types are:
• Folded steel wakizashi
• Clay tempered wakizashi
• Carbon steel wakizashi
This is a proper Japanese sword. The length of this sword is 30 cm to 60 cm.
Maintenance of these swords
If you want to buy these katanaswords, then you have to keep it clean and oiled because if you do not maintain then rust may be fallen on it and you cannot get help at the proper time.