Video Production Procedure: Step By Step Description

Explainer video production is a multi-step procedure that includes more pros than one.
Generally, an explainer video production team consists of Voiceover Artist, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Animator, a Scriptwriter and Sound Effects Artist. Video production is contributed to by every one of these six role players distinctively.
Here is a step by step description of the Video Production Procedure.

Step I: Comprehension Customer Brief

The first step of the explainer video production company london procedure includes going through customer’s brief (a survey filled by customer), for understanding their business thing and video demand. Generally, it’s the scriptwriter who goes through this method. In the event of queries or doubts, an interaction involving the customer and the scriptwriter is ordered.

Step II: Research and Brainstorming

After all the pertinent information was collected from the customer, a secondary research (if desired) is ran, for better understanding the business. The brief is described to the animator and to the storyboard artist. After the brief has been comprehended by both of them, they sit together with the scriptwriter determine on word videos & other visual components to visualize the video storyline, and finalize on how those components would be animated. The video script is crafted once everything is determined.

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