What are the top beautiful places in travel Raja Ampat?

If you are planning a trip or planning to spend holidays in the beautiful destination of Islands then you can travel Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an Island which is situated in Indonesia. While visiting this place you will come to know that this RajaAmpat contains 1500 Islands. It has beautiful white beaches, jungles, and the animals. The Raja Ampat is being considered as one of the most beautifulplaces in Indonesia.

What are the beautiful places to visit while traveling Raja Ampat?
If you travelRajaAmpat, It is one of the most beautiful and famous destination to see. The following are the 10 most exotic places to visit while travel raja ampat and they are:
• Waisai – it’s one of the most beautiful places in the Raja Ampat. If you love diving then you should visit this place. There are many diving offers or the packages being given by the agencies of hotels.
• Waigeo – if you are visiting the place of waigeo in Raja Ampat. Then you can visit the sea ghost. These sea ghosts are the natural phenomena. Which is in the form of a light beam which you can only see while the sunset. But you can enjoy seeing these for the few minutes only because after that will happen to disappear.

• Wayag Archipelago – this is the being listed as the important place to visit while you are in the Raja Ampat. This place is been considered as the most exotic place. It will look like all the beauty of the Raja Ampat is being created from this place only.
• Pari Manta cleaning station – this place is also the important place to visit in the RajaAmpat. This place is famous for the natural cleaning process of the fish. In this place the pair Manta a crayfish gets its body cleaned by the thousands of the other tiny angelfish.
What are the packages being offered by the hotel of raja ampat?
The hotel of the RajaAmpat will offer you with the luxurypackages. Additional to the packages they will offer you the opportunity to visit the exotic places in the Raja Ampat.
While travel RajaAmpat is some of the occasions. They will offer you with discounts So that you can enjoy your holidays.