What do you know about recycling of electronic components

The world is waking up. Perhaps most may consider it too late in the day – whatever be the case, the world has woken up and is waking up to the recycling and disposal of electronic components. There are all kinds of electronic components which are available and are disposed of by consumer’s day in and day out. These are components which are manufactured by all kinds of manufacturers such as Alterajust to name one.

The way electronic components are recycled be it components of altera or any other is the following:

Precious metals which are found in these electronic components such as Palladium, silver and gold are usually extracted. In addition to it, the copper which is extracted is also recycled as well.

There are different kinds of active components which are bought by firms that recycle Altera and other company products. These are ICs, CPUs, controllers, microprocessors and all these are recycled regardless of the form they are in. The different forms they are usually in are the SOIC, DIP, QFP, SOJ PLCC, PGA, LCC, BGA or other similar package types. There are also loose or MFG packaging passive components which are bought by these firms as well. The passive components which these firms buy are the resistors, diodes, tantalum capacitors, connectors as well as the MOSFET.

The ICs and other inventory which is excess, the semiconductors which are outdated or electronic components which are not being used or outdated are also bought and then reused.

There are also firms that buy refurbished as well as new passive, active or obsolete components in addition to components which are scrapped. These are bought for the recovery of metal from it. Infact the electronic scrap which is available on board is bought for a higher value usually such as memory chips present on board.