What is the different Fashion nails styles?

Fashion nails are the new trend nowadays. Girls love to decorate their nails with different nail polish and colorful ornaments. There are many styles in which you can decorate your nails. You can make designs or decorate them with glitter to get beautiful nails. Fashion nails look beautiful and different than just natural nails. You can go to the parlor or paint your nails by yourself. It is fun to do it, and you can use your creativity to get beautiful fashion nails.

Here are some fashion nails styles that you can try-
• Glass nails- These are very trendy among girls. You just have to put a silver colored paper on your nails that resemble the glass of silver. It is very easy and no need to go to a salon. Just do it yourself and get good fashion nails.
• Nail geometry- You can use different nail polish to color your nails. It is not a difficult thing. You need two nail polishes and a transparent plastic paper. If you have any difficulty in doing it then see the videos on you tube to know the procedure. To get different colored fashion nails, you can also take help of your friends.

• Ombre nails- Ombre fashion nails are very much in trend. The process is very easy. You need only a few things that are a nail polish and sponge. First, color your nails with a nail polish. Mix two colors of the nail polish and apply on the sponge. Attach the sponge on your nail and make it with ombre motif.
• Polka dot pattern- For this you need a transparent paper. Paint dots on the paper. Apply a nail polish color to your nails and then paste the paper. Paint it in white, after drying removes the transparent paper. You will get pretty polka dot patterned fashion nails.
Try all the above fashion nails styles to make your nails beautiful and stylish.