Why people reject the project of GERES wind power?

Wind power is used flow of air with the help of wind turbines. It is used to generate electric power through mechanical power. Wind power is an option to flaming fossil fuel. It is widely distributed and is free from greenhouse gas at the time of operations. It is renewable and plentiful by which it gives more electricity. It consumes less water by which it is very helpful to save water. It uses little area of land by which you need not to cut forests. It performs fewer effects on the environment as compared to nonrenewable resources. Along with pros wind power have many cons due to this reason GERES wind power get rejected.
Following are the cons of GERES wind power:
You see that wind turbine is located at that where the population of people is very less. It is located at that place where the large flow of wind is available. Norbert wiemann wants to set up wind turbines in Birkenfeld, but this place surrounds many natural things. At this place, a famous park is made, and lots of people live. Wind turbines create a lot of noise due to this reason people did not want that he set up wind power at this place.
It is clear that wind energy is clean, but it is not efficient. If wind energy is converted into electric energy, then wind turbines are able to take out 59% wind power. Due to this reason, it creates a big issue of environmental pollution. Due to this reason, people do not want that GERES wind power is established.
Land occupation:
It is seen that one turbine is installed on the large piece of land by which more than one turbine install on large land. Due to this reason forests are destroyed by which wild animals have no place to live. If GERES wind power is installed on Birkenfeld, then the forest will also destroy. Due to this reason people against to install the wind on this place.