Will an SSD upgrade be worth it for your Mac?

If you ever thought about upgrading your Mac, upgrading your Mac’s hard disk might have been at the forefront of options to consider. Ever since SSDs came out a few years ago, tech experts around the world have been recommending it at one of the surest ways to dramatically improve the performance of a Mac or PC for that matter. Many also believe that it is the type of upgrade that will give you maximum ROI in terms of the value of performance increase you get for the money you pay.

A 128 GB SSD costs just around $100 and can cut your Mac’s boot times by over 80%. Besides boot times, an SSD will also cut down the amount of time it takes for your Macs to load applications, even the very heavy ones like video editors, graphic programs or sound studio software programs.

Whether or not your Mac can take a SSD is also something that you needn’t really worry about. Most SSDs have a footprint that is much smaller than a regular hard disk. In fact, SSDs are so much smaller that you often have to buy a plastic casing box to size them up to the size of your old HDD, so it will fit in a Mac’s bay without shaking or jiggling around.

Most SSDs like the Samsung EVO series of SSDs are sold with software that will help you clone your Mac OS partition. In other words, you just have to hook up your SSD and your hard disk both at the same times, for the first time, clone your HDD to your SSD and then replace your HDD with a SSD. The entire process will only take about half an hour if you know what you are doing. Try this tip if you are wondering why is my mac so slow all of a sudden.