YouTube likes are improving video ranking and what can you do about that

The most important thing for ranking YouTube video higher when people are searching for certain keyword is to place this keyword in the title and description of the video. You should also place relevant tags; add broader description, and spicy title which contains your keyword. But that is not all. There are other tricks you should do to rank higher. First of all you will need a lot of views, likes and comments. It is not easy to obtain all of these, and your best option as new marketer is to buy YouTube subscribers, likes and comments. And buy them cheap. If you want to go step by step, then you should buy views as these are the most important for a ranking higher in YouTube search engine. When you buy YouTube comments and views you’ll probably receive certain amount of likes and comments for your video. If you don`t receive enough likes you can also buy them. The same refers to the comments. If you have a viewer’s that likes the video and is not leaving comments you can buy real human comments on you video.

Ranking video on YouTube nowadays is harder and harder throughout past months, but it’s not impossible to rank the video for certain keywords in one day or more possibly in a week. For start you will need only correct title, description and tags. But these are not enough to rank your video. You’ll need likes and comments. It is not enough only to have viewers who will come and click on your video link and make a bounce view. This will kill you rank instead to improve it. So, you should take care that every visitor on your video link, remain to watch the video for at least 30 seconds and after that likes it and leave positive comment.

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